internal bannerFor over a decade now, our specialist team at Aquaroom Tiling Services has maintained high levels of discipline and staff morale on all jobs, taking immense pride in our work.

We understand the importance of having skilled tradesmen on our team and make it a priority to train our team members from apprentices to highly qualified tradesmen. By achieving this, not only do we have committed tradesmen who work effectively as a team, but we also develop a high level of efficiency and quality control.

The company has two divisions, which specialize in all aspects of residential projects and Australia-wide commercial projects. Whether it may be a cracked tile or a complete commercial development, our dedicated team will ensure that the job is completed to your ultimate satisfaction. It has been noted that Aquaroom services is a business that prides itself in quality and efficiency. In the Tiling trade quality  is of significant importance and to achieve a quality finish, there are many factors


• Workmanship

• Material

• Organisation

• Teamwork

• Attention to detail

• Safety

We push to keep our standards at the highest level in all these factors on a final note, you can be guaranteed that in addition to a professional job, you’ll receive reliability, honesty and value for money from Aquaroom Tiling Services.